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        Ontario hazardous waste disposal
        Containerized & bulk hazardous waste disposal services
        Servicing Ontario industrial, commercial & instutional customers
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        On-site environmental services
        Transformer site services, PCB on-site services, analytical & testing services
        Regulated waste disposal, PCB destruction, electrical equipment disposal
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        Wastewater treatment services
        Industrial wastewater treatment & oily water disposal
        Transportation services for containerized & bulk waste, industrial cleaning services

      Welcome to Aevitas Inc.!

      For more than 25 years, our passion for environmental protection has helped our company's industrial, institutional and commercial clients become leaders in the communities they serve. When it comes to Ontario hazardous waste disposal services, ours are innovative, affordable, and fully comply with government and environmental regulations. Our outstanding Canada-wide environmental services, including our Ontario hazardous waste disposal services, and our ongoing customer care and support, have earned us a solid reputation. Our company offers a comprehensive selection of environmental services to choose from, all of which are executed on-site, or at one of our many environmental service facilities:

      Aevitas serves a large number of clients who operate in the Canadian mining, electrical, utility and power generation, fabrication, consulting, commercial/landlord, lighting, demolition and remediation, engineering, manufacturing and assembly, and institutional and government sectors. They rely on us for safe and effective environmental services which includes our company's Ontario hazardous waste disposal services. To learn how we can assist your company in meeting the demands of your environmental challenges, please get in touch with us. We are Canada’s one-stop source for dependable environmental services, no matter where industry meets environment!

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